Sunday, 15 November 2015

Weekend Project #3

It has been a while. Life has been very busy, a lot of weekend's away and I started studying in September which alongside my busy day job leaves me with very little spare time. But here I am with a really quick and easy DIY project I have been wanting to share for a while. I bought this table too long ago in a local charity shop for £5 with a vision of painting it with some dreamy shade of white/grey to match my sitting room. Low and behold over a year later I have finally gotten around to transforming this little table in less than an hour (excluding drying time, but that bit isn't too taxing) and I love the end result.

I just love Annie Sloan paint for these kind of projects, I didn't have to think about primer or undercoats, I simply bought a sample size pot of Paris Grey and as I already had wax was good to go. The wax is a good investment as it lasts for ages. You don't have to sand the piece down first but I did give the top of this a sanding when I first got it as it was a little gross, I don't think the previous owners had ever heard of coasters! I really love all the two tone furniture out there at the moment so as the legs were in okay shape I decided to leave them as they were and just paint the table top.

To start I washed the table with some warm soapy water. The paint needs a really good shake before getting started. As the pot is tiny I used a cup to pour it into and mixed a couple of drops of water to thin the paint so it didn't get too cakey. It only takes two minutes to work the paint onto the surface, as it dries quick you need to be fast. I left the first coat for two hours and sanded it very lightly before paining another layer. I repeated this one more time as I had watered the paint down lightly it really needed three coats. I then left it overnight before waxing it. I waxed the top and legs which really brought up the wood.

I was really happy with the finished effect and had all of those 'why didn't I do it sooner' thoughts but hey as the wise man once said 'better late than never'. My favourite part was styling the table, I bought a lovely fern which along with the table has brightened up a dark little corner in my sitting room and I also picked up a basket which fits perfectly at the bottom of the table to store all my magazines. Overall the project cost around £15 which definitely hasn't broke the bank.

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