Thursday, 13 August 2015


All the way back in June I was lucky enough to go along to The Mayfair hotel where Glamour were having a screening of Amy Schumer's brilliant new rom-com Trainwreck. I say rom-com half heartedly because this is definitely not your traditional girl meets boy, they date, fall in love, something disastrous happens, boy and girl break up to only to be reunited at the very last minute as one of them is on a plane taxiing out of the airport story. You know the jazz, with a few laughs thrown in, although not real laughs just exaggerated smiles and a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling. Schumer's offering is most definitely not this kind of film. Trainwreck is laugh out loud until you can't breath funny with a lot of of 'did she actually just say that?' moments to keep your mouth-wide-open attention to the very end. It is so refreshing to have actual
comedy in a rom-com, I hope this is the first of many from Schumer.

Directed by Judd Apatow (the genius behind 40 Year Old Virgin and my all time favourite Knocked Up) this non rom-com rom-con tells the story of Amy (Schumer) a New Yorker journalist who plays the field shunning monogamy for one night stands and awkward walks of shame, er can you top the Staten Island morning commuter ferry? If anyone knows how to make awkward AWKWARD, though it's Apatow the  ultimate king of comic; did I mention he also produced Bridesmaids? Nuff said really. Him and Schumer, who wrote Trainwreck, are already a dream team but throw in Bill Fader as Schumer's sports doctor love interest, LeBron James(seriously) as his client and love life advisor and the amazing Tilda Swinton as Schumer's oh so wrong but totally hilarious straight speaking boss and you've got yourself a guaranteed winner. 

After the screening there was a Q&A presented by the fabulous Caitlin Moran, only second to Amy for her shock inducing abilities (just read the first page of her book How to be a Girl). But Caitlin was a wonderfully humble host leaving 90% of the talking to Amy who made us laugh with every second word she uttered. Hungover after the previous night's Glamour Awards her dress still had a tag on it which she had to get her PA to cut off while she was on stage; "Well can't return that now" she quickly shot out in her distinctive American drawl. The whole room erupted. If I said that I'm pretty sure not even my granny would laugh. I don't even know if she meant to be funny, but that's the thing about Schumer, she's a natural at making funny natural.

I'm so excited Trainwreck is released nationwide tomorrow 14th of August. If you haven't got plans for the weekend then grab all your best girlfriends and get yourself to the cinema, you will laugh your hearts out! 

Check out the official trailer HERE


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