Thursday, 20 August 2015

Fitness Wish List August

I'm on a bit of a fitness buzz all of 3 days now and I'm already spending way too much time online swooning over new work out gear. I don't know what it is about a new pair of trainers or joggers but they just really get me excited to go work up a sweat like some sort of fitness goddess which I most certainly am not. A lot of these are saved on my Amazon account just waiting for pay day to come around. These New Balance U420 trainers are most definitely top of the list; I love this gorgeous cream and grey combo, I haven't seen it in any other shops which makes them even more appealing. 

I actually picked up these leggings in H&M last week because I needed something cheap and cheerful for yoga. I love the pattern, they are really flattering and the fabric is good quality for the
price. The whole H&M work out range is really wearable this season so I will definitely be picking up some more pieces like this top. I also have some super comfy joggers on my list for long dog walks in the park; I've had a few skinny pairs like this from Superdry and they are so cozy.

I also have my eye on some work out accessories like these Adidas Wristbands, very practical and boring I know but I love their crisp whiteness and secretly hope they will help me up my tennis game (although not if Brian, aka Mr Competitive, has anything to do with it). As well as beating me at tennis Brian has been trying to get me to go cycling with him latel but I really need to get a helmet because London roads scare me and safety first, of course. I tried this Bern one on recently and as long as it's not the white version I don't look exactly like the mushroom guy in Mario Brothers, so that's a bonus!

I am also dying to get a new Bobble as my old one definitely stopped filtering water a long time ago. I love Bobble bottles, they are so handy and for the first 6 to 8 weeks they definitely filter out all the bad stuff in your water. I usually just get the 500ml bottle and fill it about three or four times a day but this time I think I will definitely go for a 1litre bottle to try up my water intake. Last but not least I have to stock up on some Magnesium Oil spray for post work out muscle relief. This stuff is a such a miracle worker after intense work outs, which I hope to be having a lot of in the coming weeks and months so watch this space.

Adidas Wristbands - here

Bern Helmet - here

Bobble Bottle - here

Yoga Top - here

Superdry Slim Fit Joggers - here

Leggings - here

New Balance 420 Trainers - here

Magnesium Oil Spray - here


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