Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Glastonbury Memories

I can't believe it has been two weeks now since our Glastonbury journey came to an end. I never expected to have such an amazing time, I don't know why, I mean everyone who has been before talks so passionately about it being this magical place unlike any other festival, but like most things until you experience it yourself you always have your doubts. A bit like Marmite but without the 90% chance that you won't like it. Glasto has more of a 99.999999% chance you will LOVE it! 

We were so lucky to have the most amazing weather with only a few hours of rain on the Friday which was actually quite good fun. For a five day festival in the UK to have been so dry was an absolute blessing. The one thing that certainly wasn't dry at any point was us as we drank more cider than I imagined possible; but hey ho dancing and trekking from stage to stage is very thirsty work!

My top 5 acts:
1. Chemical Brothers - the most amazing live show EVER! 
2. Mark Ronson - another great show and my favourite song Valerie.
3. Lionel Ritchie - I wasn't expecting to love Lionel so much but what a ledge.
4. Alt J - these guys are amazing and were the perfect Sunday afternoon act.
5. Pharell Williams - such a cool guy. Er...Kanye who?

Here are some shots that I hope will give you a good insight into Glasto's never-ending charms. I love looking at other people's photos because although there are the odd ones of similar flag shots or stage shots generally everyone has a completely unique Glastonbury adventure. The site is so massive and there are just so many different areas and things to do you really write your own Glasto story. On the Saturday we were conscious we hadn't seen enough so we went off exploring for the day and had so much fun hanging out with hippies in the craft area where we made leather key rings for £2 and bought some one-off prints for £5! We had such a fun afternoon and got to take lots of photos (although on a pretty crap camera so I apologise for the quality). Hopefully this gives you a good insight into the magical world of Glastonbury.






Monday(the trek home begins)

So that's it folks...until next year, all going well! xx


  1. Amazing post dear!

  2. Thanks so much for taking me back once more to Glastonbury! It was my first year and as you've said it was a great atmosphere. How lucky were we with the weather? My favourite acts were Jungle, Charlie XCX and so many more it is hard to chose! I got a two part Glastonbury story on my blog if you fancy a read. Hope you're well and we'll speak soon.

    Caz | Style Lingua


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