Friday, 12 June 2015

Polo in the Park

Last weekend Brian surprised me with a trip to Chesterton's Polo in the Park which was on in Hurlingham park near where we live. Ever since watching the polo scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts went from curb crawler to high society in that brown polka dot dress I have always wanted to go. Not that I compare myself to Julia Roberts or her character in Pretty Woman but I just enjoyed the dreamy scene of well preened high society folk enjoying a spot of polo on a nice sunny day. Luckily for us last Sunday was the hottest day of the year so far, so we dressed up and headed off as Julia and Richard for the day.

To tell you the truth I was a bit apprehensive that as polo virgins we might stick out like a sore thumb at Chesterton's but thankfully the commentators were on hand to give a blow by blow account of what was happening on the pitch so we were soon experts(well, almost). The park games are slightly shorter than the normal polo matches and each team only has three players. We were lucky Dublin were in the final so it was a very exciting but unfortunately also disappointing match for us when Hong Kong pipped us at the post to win the overall tournament.

There was so much more to the day than polo though, we spent a lot of time trying the different bars and had some amazing food. We didn't do any shopping but then again we weren't in the market for fur coats or chopping boards (seriously?). There was a great selection of bars to choose from; Mahiki had the 'longest outdoor bar in Europe' which the commentators kept on reiterating as if anyone really cared, then there was a really cool Pimm's bus and of course a champagne and normal run of the mill bar. Let me put it like this, no one was going to go thirsty even if it meant the £1000 bottle of champagne which graced the menu of each bar ended up getting sold to a syndicate of thirsty polo goers.

There was even more choice on the food front with anything from fish and chips to Mexican street food. We ended up getting a taster from this awesome food place called The Bowler that does different types of meat balls, the ones we got were chicken. Anyway the taster was so amazing we went back and got two of the normal size portions and devoured them. Basically what you got was three chicken balls, wild rice, thai coconut sauce (like green curry) with coleslaw and a lovely marmalade on top. So delish, I really hope we come across them at Glastonbury.

We had such a lovely day, it really was great fun and has made me really excited for more sunny days filled with Pimm's and laughter. I will definitely be going again next year.

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