Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My Top 5 Deliciously Ella Recipes

I am totally in love with Deliciously Ella's amazing cookbook. Last month I tried a meat free May so I picked up a copy of it and ran out to buy all the bits I needed(food processor, blender, every pulse and bean known to mankind, etc). Although I'm not gonna lie, there were a few instances when I fell off the band wagon, mainly with steak and only on date nights because watching B eat steak was just too much for my inner meat eater. Overall though we took the bull by the horns and enjoyed trying loads of new things, some way better than others but I am putting that down to my cooking ability not the recipes.

Anyway May is well and truly over and we are still eating 80% vegan/vegetarian because it just feels
right. I have steered well and truly clear of dairy and my skin is so much better for it and I feel way less bloated and sluggish than I used to. The biggest change has definitely been B's diet. He has been having smoothies for breakfast every day and wholemeal pasta with Lentil Bolognese or Black and Kidney Bean Chilli for lunch which fills him up way more than his old diet of cereal and sandwiches. Your diet makes such a difference to every aspect of your life and it is great to have people like Ella Woodward championing this healthy eating revolution. Sounds like an overstatement using the word 'revolution' but I truly think in the next few years there are going to be massive changes in the way we eat.

Now enough diverging from the point of this post which was to share my top 5 recipes from the amazing Deliciously Ella book:

5. Black and Kidney Bean Chilli

This is such a tasty chilli and is so easy to make. I added loads of chilli because I like things spicy and the second time I made it I added mushrooms for a bit of extra texture. The black and kidney beans give this dish a real chunky hearty texture which is great and goes really well with brown rice, kale and guacamole.

4. Giant Hash Brown

I'm wondering why I have numbered these, I should say in no particular order because it is so hard to pick between them all. This hash brown is breakfast heaven, great to tuck into along with baked beans and avocado. A definite must and relatively easy to whip up, it would work well for dinner too (note to self...).

3. Lentil Bolognese
Again this is really easy to make but tastes delicious. Apologies I have no pic but it is red and lentily looking, not as easy on the eye as some things but super tasty. I have made a batch for the two of us which has lasted for at least 4 days of lunches/dinners. It heats up really well, a bit like a good chilli which tastes nicer when it is heated. I like it with pasta but also have it with kale for lunch and it is delish and very filling. It says half a litre of water but I usually use double that.

2. Stuffed Chestnut Mushrooms

These are AMAZING! They are just mouthwateringly delicious in every way and I cannot wait to have people over so I can amaze them with this dish. It is a super simple recipe with only 5 or 6 ingredients but the result is far from humble. The pine nuts and tahini work to give a melt in the mouth

1. Veggie Lasagne

This is definitely my favourite, although all of the top 5 are close contenders. It is just so different to anything else I have ever eaten and just works so well. The cheese part is made from coconut milk mixed with butternut squash and tastes heavenly. Then the layers are filled with veg but have no sauce which made me dubious at first but it definitely 100% works. This photo does it no justice, trust me it is so delicious you will go back for seconds.

So that is it my top 5. If you haven't already got the book I would definitely recommend it and not just for the recipes but it also has loads of advice and nutrition information which is really interesting.  Ella's blog is also a treasure trove of advice and inspiration and one I love to stop by as often as I can.

Oh I should say I did also make the famous Sweet Potato Brownies but because I don't eat chocolate they didn't make my top 5. B on the other hand devoured them and couldn't believe the ingredients nor did he care much as he scoffed them down.

Which Deliciously Ella recipe's do you love?


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