Sunday, 14 June 2015

Weekend Project #2

This isn't as much of a craft project as a little Saturday DIY project. I have had a tin of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for a little while now but have only used it on a few picture frames so I was dying to try something a little bigger. This little table comes from a nest of three of which only two are remaining, God knows where the third has ended up. They were once mahogany and fairly grubby so I painted them many moons ago with Laura Ashley paint. Anyway this white one had gotten so grubby from using it for putting drinks on so it was well overdue a fresh coat.

I chose Pure as it is a nice crisp white shade. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is so easy to use, you don't need any primer or base coat so literally all you need to do it put on two coats of paint and then seal it with a wax coat. The paint dries really quickly so you need to be quick applying it to avoid drip marks but on the plus side you only have to wait a couple of hours between coats which makes for very speedy results.

It only took ten minutes to apply each coat which made this a super quick project (I should have done months ago...). I waited about five hours before applying the wax coat which I left over night to dry. The wax is meant to be applied with a wax brush but I haven't got one so I used an ordinary natural bristle brush and it worked just fine. I can't wait to tackle a bigger project with Annie Sloan paint, it really is so easy to use. 


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