Sunday, 3 May 2015

Gousto Review

I am forever getting handed vouchers for food delivery companies so I decided to finally give one a go. I chose to try Gousto because their selection of meals is really varied and they deliver 4 days a week. Basically how their service works is you go onto their website, chose your meals and pick a delivery day, pay and wait for the box full of ingredients and recipe cards to arrive on your chosen day.

Deliveries are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
We went for a Monday delivery and because we weren't going to be home we left instructions to leave the box with our neighbour who kindly put our ingredients into our fridge for us (we bought him a pint to repay him, of course).
Although if you aren't lucky enough to have a neighbour like ours you can ask for the box to be hidden in your garden, the meat is so well wrapped up it should definitely stay cold.

So to the good bit, the food! I chose Honey Soy Glazed Salmon, Harissa Chicken Curry and Lamb Biryani but choosing was actually the hardest part as all 10 meals available that week looked delicious.  We had the salmon first and it was super easy to make with the recipe card that came with it.

The mashed potatoes are mixed with miso paste which I loved but Brian wasn't as big of a fan, next time less miso but other than that it was really tasty and something completely new for us.

The next night we made the Lamb Biryani which was just as easy to make. All you need to do is get the prepared ingredients out of the fridge and follow the step by step instructions. The biryani was a one pot dish too which is my favourite type of cooking by a mile.

It was so delish, definitely my favourite of the three and I am pretty sure Brian would agree, we have made it since and I'm dying to make it again.

The last dish was a North African Harissa Chicken Curry which was also really good, and another one pot wonder, so the chef and washer upper were both happy with that. Again the ingredients are all perfectly measured and ready to use, that is one of the great things about Gousto, there is absolutely no waste whatsoever. The curry was so quick to cook as you rapidly simmer the mixture with the lid on so the potatoes and lentils soak up all the stock.

Overall we found each of the meals really tasty, the instructions easy to follow and it was great not having to think about what to plan for dinner or having to spend twenty minutes in M&S being my indecisive self trying to pick which ready meal to get.

We will definitely get another box soon, they sign you up on a weekly order but we put ours on hold after the first week as we were off on holiday the following week. It works out at roughly £4.30 per meal for three meals for 2 which is pretty amazing for fresh food delivered straight to your door. I am definitely a food delivery convert. I should also say the Gousto team are lovely, they sent some follow up emails but nothing salesy and invasive. The service is just nice and personable, I can't recommend it enough.

Check them out at, happy eating!

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