Sunday, 10 May 2015

Weekend Project #1

We had such a nice weekend at home for once and I finally got to make this picture frame I have been meaning to make for ages. The whole project cost just under £4 which is pretty amazing and definitely purse friendly.

I picked up the photo frame in the 99p Store but have seen similar ones in the other £ shops. It is plastic but its better quality than you would expect for something so cheap. I didn't like the colour of it so I picked up some Rust-oleum Painters Touch craft enamel in Wilko for £3 which is also pretty great value.

To start I covered my table in these lovely orange bin liners we have, great for photos, well maybe not, but great for saving my kitchen table from being destroyed. I took the back and glass out of the frame and placed it on 4 old jars to keep it elevated.

It literally took a few seconds to spray the first layer. You need to spray about 10 centimetres from the frame and work quickly so as not to leave any excess which causes drip marks.

Even though the spray paint is for indoor use it is so strong I would definitely recommend doing it near a door and windows. Even with my door and windows open our whole place smelled of paint for  most of yesterday!

I waited twenty minutes before doing one more layer of paint. I couldn't believe how quick this whole project was to do. While waiting for the second layer to dry I went online and found this free print. I thought the 'All you need is love' print was very apt after we went to see Let It Be in Covent Garden last week and we are both big Beatles fans. There are loads of amazing free prints on the Seven Thirty Three blog so definitely worth checking it out.

For now I have the frame on my desk but I am hoping to do some more soon to put on my sitting room wall. I can't recommend this Rust-oleum craft enamel enough, it is just so easy and takes no time at all.


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