Sunday, 31 May 2015

My Week in Photos

I started my week the way all weeks should start; getting pampered in a spa in a five star hotel. Not bad. It was a bank holiday in the UK but I was home celebrating my Mum's 60th. Soz for the blurry pic but minus make up it is prob for the best.

We had a great day in Druid's Glen spa and a fab meal in their restaurant. The pampering was much needed after my Mum's surprise party on the Saturday night. Here is a cute photo of my Dad showing
my Mum the cake he organised.

The day after the wedding my sister in law made a mammoth roast for 12 with Mo√ęt to continue the celebrations. I was just happy to spend some time on aunty duties with my gorgeous godson.

After our day of pampering in Druid's Glen we had more amazing food to look forward to at Roly's Bistro in Ballsbridge. The place was packed for a Monday night, just a sign of how good the place is. Everything I had was so tasty, especially these Thai Chicken Parcels...I will be going back for these.

Tom joined us and was so good the whole time, no high chair necessary, doting aunty, uncle and grandparents on hand. Here we are doing a selfie, he's some man for blowing bubbles.

I flew straight to work on Tuesday morning and was so exhausted on Tuesday evening I went straight to bed. On Wed this sign at Euston Sq station made me smile, I'm dyslexic and swear I am only noticing half the mistakes now, I must send it to my brother who is an Egnilsh teacher.

Wednesday was a very exciting day, not only did I see this sign but I also had some gourmet fish fingers for dinner. Brian was away and I was feeling very lazy. It was amazing and I will be doing it again in the very near future.

Brian came home on Thursday and to my delight cooked me a lovely meal (he hadn't even heard the fish finger story) and we watched Game of Thrones. I don't think Game of Thrones has the same impact it used to, I didn't even notice I had missed it on Monday. Anyway so Friday flew by, we had a few drinks and hey ho all of a sudden it was Saturday again.

The mutt got a much needed hair cut on Saturday morning and is now looking extra cute. Brian has something surprised for us to do today so I will update you next week.

Hope you all had a lovely week xx


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