Tuesday, 5 May 2015

May Fitness Goals

I can't believe it is May already, I mean where have the last 4 months gone?!! They literally just flew by but I am pretty happy to have these warmer days and longer evenings which definitely make healthier lifestyle choices slightly easier. Here are my 3 heath and fitness goals for May.

1. 30 Days of Yoga

My usual New Year fitness plans went out the window this year on the 7th of January(to be exact)
when I fell down a stairs and broke my wrist. I had just started 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene but after three days had to give up! My wrist is almost mended so I am very excited to start the course again. The course is pretty much what it says on the tin - 30 days of yoga videos by the lovely Adriene. If you sign up on her website she will send you each days video along with motivational emails which hit the spot each day and gently remind you to get on your mat! Adriene is really easy to follow, she goes through each step clearly and does some nice meditation too which is a nice added bonus at the end of each session. I look forward to my belated 30 days starting today.

2. Let's go Vegan!

I actually can't believe I have talked Brian into this one, in fact talked into is a bit strong, he pretty much signed up after two minutes of me harping on about Deliciously Ella and why I had to buy a food processor, like now. I bought Ella's book before we headed off on holidays and after a month of travelling, eating out every night, drinking a LOT and just generally being worn out it is definitely about time I start using it. I cooked a few of her recipes before hols and loved them so I don't look at this as hard work or 'diet-y' at all. I have given up dairy a few times over the last year as I suffer from bad skin and sinus infections so for me cutting dairy is a no brainer and not doing it is just pure laziness. I think a lot of food we eat is out of laziness and convenience, life is busy but hopefully this May the only processed food I eat will be the stuff I whizz through my new processor! We will see how we fare, but for now I have smoothies prepped for breakfast, yummy pesto pasta ready for lunch and black beans soaking for tonight's chilli, diet, erm, what diet? This is just a healthy lifestyle choice, no counting calories, just plant based goodness. I will keep you posted. Oh btw after much hmming and hawwing over which processor to get, expensive (Magimix or Kitchen Aid) I decided to go for a cheap one and see how it goes, if I become a food processing maniac I will invest in the expensive ones and have a nice back up in my Kenwood (from Lakeland). It is really neat on my counter top and also comes with a blender jug so that's my smoothies sorted for now too.

3. Lots of dog walking

My favourite four legged being is back in London after his month long holiday with the grandparents in Dublin so it is time to get our MapMyFitness app back up and running with lots of walks. I don't feel walking does me any good weight loss wise so I am really planning on ramping up our walks and trying to make them more productive. The bank holiday was an okay start with some really long walks in Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park but we really just meandered along chatting loads and not really getting much exercise so for our mid-week walks I am going to try really pick up the pace and do 3/4km in around 35-40 minutes. What I love about using MapMyFitness is that I can try beat my PB each day, nothing like a bit of personal competition to get you going. Chaill is pretty fast too and although he is small he is good for pulling you along, so getting him on board for brisker walks won't be a problem.

Here is hoping I have some good reports at the end of the month and I am a more glowing, slightly trimmer version of me!


  1. 30 days of yoga was amazing! I didn’t realise there were emails, I’m signing up and doing it all over again as I need the motivation.

    I bought that book too but haven’t tried anything yet. I don’t think I could do it even for a week. I hope you review the month when it’s over.

    Your dog is adorable!

    Debbie x www.hellodeborah.co.uk

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Aw thanks, he knows he is adorable though that's the problem ha ha

      The emails are definitely worth it for that daily inspiration! I will definitely review Deliciously Ella when I am done but so far so good, you really need a lot of prep so it was really handy to start after the bank holiday after lots of stocking up!

      Love your blog xx


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