Thursday, 7 May 2015

Review: Flat Iron Beak St

So what do you do the week before you give up meat for a month? Well you ramp up your carnivore tendencies of course and eat all the meat you possibly can! So off to Flat Iron I went...

If you haven't heard of Flat Iron yet then you must not live in London because every second person I speak to lately has either been, is going or can't wait to go again. Not that I speak to all the people in London, of course I don't. I, like other Londoners, politely refrain from small talk because I tried it
once and I'm pretty sure the whole Tube carriage thought I was probably going to take to take out a gun and open fire so I learnt my lesson and now only talk when spoken to which is of course lately has mainly been people telling me about Flat Iron (of course).

So we arrived after work at 6:30 and having heard all the hype we were expecting a Dishoom style queue all the way up Beak St. How wrong we were. No queue. Hurrah! In fact our party of three was only two at this stage so we panicked about what to do. How wrong we were though as we approached the stylish maitre d with her leather jacket and iPad at hand. "Three?" she asked. "That will be about an hour and a half". Ahhhh, that's more like it. So we joined the 'virtual' queue by leaving my mobile number which updated our position in the queue while we had a drink in the pub around the corner.

After only 45 minutes my phone buzzed happily telling us our time had come! We were so hungry it was such a revelation when we took our seats that the menu has just one steak and some sides to choose from. Three minutes later we had ordered some French bubbles, three Flat Iron steaks with side salads and fries, Bearnaise sauce, green veg and roast aubergine on the side. Definitely a personal best, I love small menus.

As we waited for our food we chatted and enjoyed the buzz of the restaurant. We were seated on a table with two other diners which is pretty normal these days but I had to laugh when they tried to fit some poor guy on our table for 6. He didn't even attempt to sandwich himself between 5 girls, bless him for politely declining and running out of the place while we stifled the bubble induced giggles. He made the right choice.

The food arrived quickly and looked amazing. I love these white metal dishes, I need to jump on the bandwagon and get some for my kitchen, they just make everything look nicer. Anyway the steak was perfectly medium rare and was so bloody tasty I still can't believe it was only a tenner. Oh yes I meant to mention that earlier, A TENNER! Can you believe it? What a bargain.

Anyway the sides too were just perfect. The chips were thin and crispy, perfect for putting with little slithers of steak and dipping in my Bearnaise sauce over and over. Too good. The aubergine and greens were also perfectly done and the little side salad made me feel a teenchy bit healthy. To top it all off we had the only desert on the specials board which was a salted caramel mouse which was a light and fluffy mixture that tasted like the inside of a Mars bar but better. It went down pretty well.

So here is the damage, £82.43 for three people including service charge. Such a bargain for what we got. I can't wait to go again after meat free May, if I can wait that long.

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