Monday, 8 December 2014

Book Club

While away at a spa weekend a few weeks ago (Bannatyne Spa in Hastings - it was amazing, I would definitely recommend) me and my girlfriends decided to start our very own book club.

We all love reading and although we often exchange ideas here and there on books we are reading when I go to buy my next book I never remember their recommendations and vice versa.
So this way we have a log of 'Book Club' books and we can all chat about the books we read after. We all live in different places (London, Geneva, Andover to name a few) so we are doing the club mainly online but it will also be a fun excuse to have a girly weekend again soon or some Skype and wine 'book club' meetings. 

We started with everyone giving a recommendation for a book and so far the three we are planning to read over Christmas and probably into the New Year for me (I am a slow reader) are Jo Jo Moyes 'Me Before You', Jonathan Harvey 'The Girl Who Just Appeared' and Karen Joy Fowler 'We are all Completely Beside Ourselves'.

All three have received amazing reviews - I have already started Fowler's book and so far I'm really enjoying it. A good sign is not wanting to get of the tube in the evening and tonight I was willing an extra few minutes onto my usual journey time.

I will post a short review as soon as I am finished it each of them. I am so indecisive when it comes to buying books so I read a LOT of reviews before I buy one unless it has been recommended or it's an author I love who's book I am going to buy no matter what the critics say. 

Oh there were three more books on our list but I will get to them in the New Year...

Laura xx


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